Xiaomi to Launch a Special Edition Redmi Note 11

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Xiaomi to Launch a Special Edition Redmi Note 11

Xiaomi just announced its 12th annual fan festival with the theme “All for Xiaomi Fans”. In line with this event, the company is launching the Redmi Note 11 XFF Special Edition. 

This XFF edition is an exclusive variation of the Redmi Note 11— one of Xiaomi’s most popular smartphones launched this year. The specs are just the same but it will come in “fashion-forward” gift packaging, complete with a creative and stylish design, and delivered within a transparent tote bag. The packaging is truly special, it even “stands out as an iconic fashion statement” according to Xiaomi.

In addition, the package comes with a Xiaomi Fan Card. The card features a design similar to the chipset that was used in a Xiaomi smartphone launched in 2017. What’s special with this card is that fans can use it to join an online platform, via mi.com, where they can unlock a series of exclusive coupons, among others.

The best part of owning the Xiaomi Fan Card is that you’re automatically included in a raffle prize draw where you can win one of 300 Redmi Note 11 XFF Special Edition gift packages.

To learn more about the Virtual Xiaomi Fan Card, and get your chance to win the special edition smartphone, read more here:  https://event.mi.com/global/xff2022/xiaomi-fan-card

Article From: HowToGeek