ZOOMING OUT AT LAST | Alexander 23 looks forward to performing live again

Since the pandemic, the closest way Alexander 23 got to sing in front of his fans is through his computer. His voice would only be heard by his fans in their homes, the same as how he would perform his music virtually.

The Illinois native’s babyface looks gentle demeanor and matching calming voice that made his monster hit IDK You Yet gain popularity was only heard in the virtual landscape. Instead of standing on a stage, he was only boxed on a small rectangular space in Zoom.

Because of that, Alexander 23 (born Alexander Glantz) felt like there was something missing in his past performances—the profound joy of singing on a stage, hearing the loud cheers of the audience he would have been facing.

“I’ve been doing these Zooms for the past two years since IDK You Yet came out,” the American singer said. “It’s been an honor and privilege to get to know everyone through the computer but I’m really really looking forward to that in-person interaction that you can’t feel in the computer.”

When he found out that he would be performing in Manila, he shared that he was able to say: “Finally!”

Alexander 23 is set to perform live at SM Aura Samsung Hall on September 3, 2022.

He shared that performing live has been on top of his list for so long, so feeling a sense of relief after getting the news is just right.

“It was just a sense of relief and immediate joy,” he said.

He added that apart from performing live, his excitement is also rooted in performing in the Philippines—in front of his Filipino fans.

“People in the Philippines have been outstandingly kind and supportive to me and of my music, so the least I could do is reciprocate that and come to a show,” Alexander 23 said.

For Alexander 23, having Filipino fans who really appreciate his music is “mind-blowing.”

“I grew up in the Midwest, in the middle of the United States, so the fact that anyone in the Philippines even knows who I am is something I am grateful for,” he explained. “I just felt so much kindness from them, and they’ve been so unconditionally supportive of me as a person and as a musician.”

Asked how excited he is to perform in Manila, Alexander 23, without second thoughts, outright said, “23/10.”

For now, he is looking forward to performing IDK You Yet and the songs from his new album Aftershock in front of an actual live audience.

IDK You Yet is his most popular song, having accumulated around 371 million streams on Spotify alone as of this writing. 

“There are so many places in the world where I haven’t gotten to do that yet,” he said, explaining why he is excited to perform his hit song live. “So many people in the world connected to that song, so I’m excited to do that in Manila.”

Aftershock is the latest showcase of Alexander’s brand of (mostly) melancholic indie pop as typified by songs like “Hate Me If It Helps” which he co-wrote with Olivia Rodrigo and “The Hardest Part” which finds him at his most vulnerable, remembering a friend he lost touch with, then lost forever. “I guess the hardest part of getting old,” he sings on the moving chorus. “Is that some people that you love don’t.”

Another track, “Somebody’s Nobody,” deals with the aftermath, or in the singer-songwriter’s case, the aftershock of a devastating breakup. “You used to stay at my place, now you just stay on my mind. We had a good run, baby but you just can’t outrun time…,” he croons. Alexander admits that this is his favorite song on the album.

And then there’s the slightly uptempo, “If We Were A Party” which showcases Alexander’s lighter side as he reflects upon the best moments of an otherwise doomed affair. “If we were a party, the best party ever we were. Drunk and in love, thought that it’d last forever…”

Outside of his own songs, one thing Alexander is very upbeat about is finally meeting his fans in person. “It’s been years in the making and it’s finally happening. I’m so happy to be able to close the Zoom calls by saying ‘I will see you on this date instead of ‘I will see you soon.’”

Tickets for Alexander 23’s concert at SM Aura Samsung Hall are available at Insignia Presents. His new album ‘Aftershock’ released last July is now available on all music streaming platforms.

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