American Wrestler Cain Velasquez Is Suspected Of Attempted Murder, Gets Arrested

Cain Velasquez got arrested on Monday for his involvement in shooting a man.

Former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion ' Cain Velasquez' was arrested on attempted murder after he allegedly shot a man near Morgan Hill, in Santa Clara, California on Monday. The cause of the incident is not known as no additional information has emerged regarding the cause. According to the police reports, the UFC Champion was put behind the bars after the shooting incident. The American wrestler has been held charges for attempting murder.

The sources reveal that the man who was shot near Monterey Highway was soon transferred to a hospital in a region nearby due to which fortunately his health was not at risk. The incident took place at 3:14, late Monday, says reports.

MMA reporter Fight Oracle tweeted about the thread where the cause of the incident according to him was the confrontations between Cain Velasquez and two other men which involved allegations on one of Cain’s children which resulted in three fire shots, wounding the father of the accused. He wrote, “RE Cain Velasquez. The talk going around is Cain chasing down 2 men riding in a vehicle.

One of them is accused of abuse of one of Cain’s children at daycare. The other person involved is the father of the alleged abuser. Cain shot the father of the alleged abuser. I’m told Cain fired at least three times. I don’t know if he got the 2 men confused. I don’t know if all the shots were fired at the same person. Or at both and only one landed.”

Fight Oracle’s tweet was held credible after Dave Meltzer, a wrestling journalist tweeted about the same and wrote, “There is smoke to this fire.” The Santa Clara County Jail's official Twitter claimed that Cain Velasquez is put in county prison where he has been given the number EGO439 and will not be availing the access to any bail due to which he would spend the night there in jail. The first hearing before the authorities for the wrestler would take place on Wednesday,2nd March 2022 at noontime.

The motive for attempting the murder by Cain is still under investigation. The reports say that the shot was attempted at a car that had three individuals, where one of them was recently accused of molesting a close relative of Cain. The accused man's name is Harry Eugene Goularte, 43, lives in San Martin, California.

From the court documents, it has been known that the abuse to Cain's relative may have occurred "100 times”. The alleged victim of the sexual abuse's identity is withheld because of their status as a minor.

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