Buffalo Jumps Into The Water To Save Itself But Gets Caught By A Crocodile Viral Video

Recently a video went viral about a buffalo. In the video, we can see that at first, a buffalo is running, and seconds later, a lion is also visible running after the buffalo. The buffalo is running for its life so that it doesn’t get killed by the lion. It runs and goes into the water to save itself from the lion. The lion stops after seeing the buffalo in the water.

Things are getting more dangerous for the buffalo:

As the buffalo thought it was safe now, a new danger came. After some time, a crocodile appears, trying to catch the buffalo or injure it. The buffalo being bigger, also fights back a bit to save itself from the attacks of the crocodile. After some attacks, the crocodile seems to be gone as it could not do anything with the big buffalo. On the land, lions and lionesses are standing, watching the buffalo.

The buffalo get out of the water and tries their best to scare the lions. Lions, being more in number, tries to attack the buffalo again, but it doesn’t get scared this time, scares them and even runs after one of them. Seeing this, all the other lion also starts running in their direction.


Nothing happened as they still could not catch the buffalo. However, after a few seconds, we can now see a large group of buffalos coming into that area and all the lions going away. The video ends with all the buffalos near water and trying to drink it.

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