CEO Satya Nadella’s son, Zain Nadella dies from Cerebral Palsy

Satya Nadella who is serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft mourns as his 26-year-old son, Zain Nadella passed away after his life-long battle with Cerebral Palsy on Monday morning, 28 th February. Zain Nadella had been born with cerebral palsy. It is a disorder that affects the person’s ability to move as well as maintain a balanced posture. Zain Nadella was born and treated for all his life in the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The CEO asks its employees to let him and his family grief in private. The death of Zain Nadella was confirmed on 1 st March by his father Satya Nadella who had mailed about the incident to Microsoft’s top executives and asked them to give private space to him and his family for the grave loss and remember them in their prayers and thoughts.

Satya had earlier talked and wrote about his son’s disease in a blog posted back in the year 2017 where he shared, “One night, during the thirty-sixth week of her pregnancy, Anu noticed that the baby was not moving as much as she was accustomed to,” he further added by saying, “So we went to the emergency room of a local hospital in Bellevue.

We thought it would be just a routine checkup, little more than new parent anxiety. In fact, I distinctly remember feeling annoyed by the wait times we experienced in the emergency room. But upon examination, the doctors were alarmed enough to order an emergency cesarean section.”

Satya Nadella wrote about his beloved son Zain Nadella’s struggle and published ‘Hit Refresh’ in 2017 Soon after Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft in 2014, the software developer asked his company to focus on building products that serve users who are disabled in a better way.

In 2017, Satya Nadella published a book named ‘Hit Refresh’ dedicatedly for his son where he mentioned the struggles faced by his son and how he and his wife had faced and overcome through it. Satya Nadella gives all the credits to his son Zain for the designing of products which his company started to focus on back in 2014. He cited that the lessons he learned were due to raising and supporting Zain.

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