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Who is Dr Donald Cline? Netflix’s new series Our Father reveals his story of using his Sperm on Patients.

The fertility specialist Dr Donald Cline has been accused by Jacoba Ballard of being his biological father. The fertility doctor has a famous clinic in Zionsville, Indiana. He allegedly used his sperm on numerous patients and fathered more than 94 children. He did this awful crime in the late 70s and 80s, and that too without his patients’ consent until when one of his biological children, Jacoba Ballard, tried to find her ancestor.

Dr Cline became the hope of childrenless parents to have their children. However, they had no clue that the doc they trusted was a fraud.
According to reports, he used his sperm samples in the name of anonymous medical residents and claimed that one donor was used for three successful pregnancies, which was a lie.

After conducting successful deliveries, he became a household name in his community. He got featured in journals and magazines.

He was getting invitations to medical conferences.

What has happened?

In 2014 Jacoba Ballard, a 34-year-old woman was curious to know about her biological father; her mother was treated in 1979 at dr Cline’s clinic. She wants to know her ancestry. Her family told her that her mother did not conceive her naturally. It was done via a sperm donor.

Jacoba performed a home DNA test and accessed a genomics and biotech website that provides ancestry information. She was surprised to learn that she had seven half-siblings. Later she found that they were donor babies conceived in Dr. Cline’s clinic.

“I know I’m going to call them and I’m going to ruin their life,” she says in the documentary.
“It just completely washes away your identity,” Julie Harmon, another sibling, says. “You really have no idea who you are anymore.”
Jacoba and her half-sisters took the matter into their own hands in 2015, filing a lawsuit against the doctor.
Dr. Cline’s children, who work at his clinic, revealed that their father admitted using his sperm on clients once.

Dr. Cline asked Jacoba not to pursue the case further. It will tarnish his reputation in the community.

His wife, Audrey, claimed that she was uninformed of his actions.

Dr. Cline was charged with felony obstruction of justice on two counts. Dr. Cline pleaded guilty to his charges in December 2017. However, he was only fined $500. His sentence was suspended due to his older years and community respect.
The court refused to believe any other allegation because there was no evidence that he raped and pregnant them.
“I don’t deny that it was a sexual violation, ‘Dr. Cline committed rape,’ is a legal assertion that was not true, and I wasn’t going to put it on paper with my signature,”
“The individuals touched by this were very emotional and had a feeling I [was there] to deliver catharsis. I wasn’t.”

“I was raped 15 times and didn’t even know it,”
. “There was no consent. He didn’t give me a choice.” one of his patience claims.

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