Is Melanie Pillman Dead? What Was The Cause Of Her Death?

Melanie Pillman, the late wife of WWE famed Brian Pillman has passed away.

The death of Melanie Pillman is circulating on the internet. WWE fans are sending their condolences to the mother of Brian Pillman Jr. She confirmed the death news of her mother in a social media post. He conveyed his heartache over the death of her role model, her mother, who died at 56.

Who was Melanie Pillman? 

Melanie Pillman was popularly known as the wife of WWE famed Brian Pillman. She was last seen in the tv show Dark Side of the Ring, where she discussed her relationship with her late husband and his personality.
AEW star Brian Pillman Jr. confirms his mother’s death, Melanie Pillman, by posting an emotional post on social media. Melanie and WWF and WCW legend Brian Pillman got married in 1993. Their son also followed the footsteps of his late father. She shared her secrets on the tv show Dark Side of the Ring last year, focused on Brian’s legendary pro wrestling career and how he died in 1997.
She shortly showed up on WWE broadcast TV to discuss with Vince McMahon immediately after Pillman’s death. In his press release, Pillman Jr. stated, “Thank you mom, for bringing me into this world and for trying your best. You were my number 1 fan. Rest In Peace. I love you.”

Like his father, Pillman Jr. began his career as a wrestler in December 2017. He followed in the footsteps of his late father, whom he greatly admired. He learned tricks by watching his father’s previously recorded videos. After years of hard work, he became one-half of All Elite Wrestling’s Varsity Blonds grudge match.
Pillman Jr. dedicated a post to his late mother. “Melanie Pillman, my mother, died yesterday at approximately 1:00 pm. Those of you who know our family history are aware that I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother, despite the fact that my sister and I had recently contacted her in an attempt to improve that relationship. While I didn’t spend much time with her, she would ALWAYS tune into my twitch streams and interact with my fans, frequently sharing old stories about my father and the wrestling industry. She had been buying baby clothes for my sister’s son Asher and had been on relatively good terms with everyone recently. Her death, while unexpected, was not unexpected.”

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