Jimtown High School Teacher Mike Hosinski Hit The Student In A Viral Video

Who is Jimtown High School Teacher?

According to a release from Baugo Community Schools in Elkhart, Jimtown High School teacher Mike Hosinski assaulted the student wearing a hooded sweatshirt on February 25. In addition, the high school teacher was fired after a video of him hitting a student in the hallway went viral.

According to officials, Mike Hosinski, the teacher, is no longer employed by Baugo Community Schools and is not permitted on school grounds.

According to a CCTV video provided by the district, the teacher could be seen clutching the student’s backpack. First, the teacher waggles his finger; then, he strikes the student so hard that the boy’s head collides with the wall behind him. After the teacher places both of his hands on the student’s shoulders in an attempt to lead him down the hallway, the student falls to the ground.

According to the district, the slap forced the student’s head to hit the wall, resulting in obvious injuries. After being caught on film striking a student with enough force to cause visible injuries, a Jimtown High School teacher has requested early retirement, according to Baugo school officials.”

“Any action that threatens to harm any student will be quickly, directly, and severely addressed,” According to a press release issued by Baugo Schools. “All Jimmies must be able to learn in a safe environment.”

What Has Happened?

The incident occurred after the teacher questioned the student over a sweatshirt he wore to class, according to Baugo officials. A verbal exchange happened in the hallway, according to the district’s statement, and “inexplicably, the teacher slapped the kid in the face with an open-handed slap.”

According to school officials, The student, who has not been identified publicly, sustained apparent injuries, and medical professionals treated him right away.

“The safety of students attending Baugo Community Schools is our highest priority and greatest responsibility. When anyone, including a teacher, undermines that priority and responsibility, swift action must and will be taken to safeguard Jimtown students. Anything less cannot be tolerated.”

School administrators claimed they contacted the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Child Services and licensing officials with the Indiana Department of Education.

In an email sent Monday, a DCS official stated that the department could not comment on its role due to Indiana confidentiality regulations. However, officials from Baugo High School have stated that they will completely cooperate with all investigations and support the student involved.

The Baugo school board is scheduled to decide on the teacher’s request for expedited retirement on Monday evening.

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