Kawika Singson, A Hawaiian Adventurer Rescues Dog Trapped In 25 Feet Deep Crack Inside Volcano Vent

Kawika Singson is referred to as a creative adventurer and a photographer who loves to trek and explore. He loves to explore the newer features of the camera and is passionate to learn about volcanoes. Although it is at times a threat to his life, his passion for treks to volcanoes has kept him going with all necessary precautions.

My intention is always to create an artistic shot and bring a vision to life that has been rolling around in my head!” Kawika explains. Kawika Singson drives about 100 miles after receiving the text along with his headcam to save Malka.

Recently Kawika managed to save the life of a dog named Malka by climbing into the 25-foot volcanic vent. This kind but life-risking act has made him the hero for the folks and the dog lovers. He mentioned that on receiving a text about the victim canine stuck there, he made almost a 100-mile drive to help and rescue the life of the canine.

Kawika Singson even posted a video of the proprietor and the canine for the public to be seen. He recorded the entire rescue operation indeed an adventure along with his headcam. Though the journey he chose was not easy for him, he did the difficult task and rescued the canine. He climbed there with the climbing tools and started his susceptible journey.

The canine was scared and badly struck between the rock plates and as seen in the footage, the creative adventurer saved the life by holding it in his arms and safely transporting it to the harness after which he slowly reached the prime of the volcano.

The video posted by Kawika gets viral all over the internet where netizens appreciate and share about his daring act. The pics and the videos are now viral all over the social media platform and it has won many hearts. His act of kindness will always be an inspiration for many. And he will always be respected and thanked for the deed.

“Always trying to be creative, I thought it would be pretty cool (hot) to take a lava pic with my shoes and tripod on fire while photographing lava so that’s what I did that’s real lava real flames, and it was really hot! I could stand the heat only for a few seconds.”

This was stated by him along with a picture in his Facebook handle when while shooting lava, his shoes, and tripod were caught on fire. This lava chaser, artistic photographer, and adventurer from Hawaii have brought alive the elements of the tropical paradise in each episode of “Everything Hawaii.” Netizens admired his efforts and are grateful to him for risking his life to save a dog.

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