KinnPorsche Season 2 is Confirmed After its Global Success

KinnPorsche Season 2 is Confirmed After its Global Success. Fans of the famed Thai mafia romance drama KinnPorsche are starting to feel optimistic about the possibility of the show being renewed for a second season after the director of the show disclosed some intriguing data.

At the moment, the first season of KinnPorsche The Series has seven episodes available, and the tremendous success of the series in a number of nations midway through its completion is a clear indication that KinnPorsche is capable of establishing its own legacy.

Along with a tightly woven narrative and stunning cinematography, what makes KinnPorsche The Series an immediate success is its acting cast, which features the sizzling lead duo Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat and Mile Phakphum Romsaithong as well as a solid supportive lineup including Bible Wichapas Sumettikul, Jeff Satur, Build, Tong, and more. Bible Wichapas Sumettikul is the man behind the stunning cinematography. Mile Phakphum Romsait

Director Share a Hint About KinnPorsche Season 2

Krisda Witthayakhajorndet, one of the directors of the drama Pond, disclosed some intriguing information at the same time as fans were debating on social media whether or not they should get their hopes up about the show being renewed for a second season.

When asked if they were considering filming a sequel, the director responded by telling Etodaynews, “It’s definitely not just one season, but we still can’t give further details.” In addition, he stated that “we have greater plans than simply one season.” Now that we have had a positive response from our audience, that should provide us with the inspiration and motivation to continue.

KinnPorsche Season 2 is Confirmed After its Global Success

Fans Share Thoughts About KinnPorsche Season 2

On Twitter, fans of one of the best BL series ever made are discussing what the second season of KinnPorsche would be like in light of the recent announcement that there will be a sequel to the show. This news has already caused quite a stir among fans of the show.

A devoted viewer of the first season tweeted the following: “when you’re thrilled kinnporsche is having a season 2, but then you realize it means they can leave season 1 on a cliffhanger.”

“If KinnPorsche The Series will have a season 2, here are what we expect to see (based on the novel), but they might change these — Kim being the new leader of Korn’s secret organization — Porsche and Vegas teaming up (against Korn)!”

A third enthusiast commented on the topic, saying, “We’re really really really having season 2 for the #KinnPorscheTheseries.” The Bible was correct the whole time. I would like to extend my gratitude to Director Pond for taking into consideration the possibility of KinnPorsche returning for a second season. We are willing to wait for an indefinite amount of time. We had to wait a long time for Season 1, but it was definitely worth it!


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