Lisa Pays Tribute To Her Daughter, Emily, On Bake Off’s Stand Up To Cancer Special

As part of The Great Celebrity Bake Off For Stand Up To Cancer, a mother will pay tribute to her 22-year-old daughter, Emily Parson. Celebrities put their baking abilities to the test to earn money for life-saving research in this unique series.
Lisa Smart, a devastated mother, will pay tribute to Emily Parsons on tonight’s episode. Last year, she lost her 22-year-old loving daughter to terminal cancer. She was suffering from an incurable rare spinal cord tumour.
Emily was able to raise £100,000 for tumour research while she was alive. She wanted to help the Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, which was working on a cure for her tumour. Emily’s mother, Lisa, wants to carry on Emily’s legacy by supporting Stand Up To Cancer after she passes away.

She raised money to support Cancer Research UK and Channel 4’s research into breakthrough cancer diagnostics and therapies for sufferers.
Lisa stated: “Emily was incredibly kind and caring. She was completely selfless in everything she did, and she was just finding her place in the world. From when she was diagnosed, not once did she show any anger, bitterness or self-pity, and worried only for those around her. I was just so proud of her. We had an incredibly close bond.
“Emily committed the little time she had left to helping others and now I hope to do the same in her memory for Stand Up To Cancer. No family should have to face this. As a mum, I should be there to protect her, but I couldn’t. It’s the hardest thing ever to say goodbye to your baby.”

Emily was a student of business psychology at Loughborough University. Emily was healthier throughout the months after returning from university in March 2020.
She wanted to be a primary school teacher after graduation, but she started experiencing cancer symptoms, which worsened until she visited her doctor. As a result, she has been prescribed an MRI scan.

“We were called in to see the scan and we could see there was a really large tumour within her spinal cord,” said Lisa. “We came out of the room and I just burst into tears. Emily’s first reaction was to say ‘I’m so sorry’ – but she had nothing to be sorry for. It was just so devastating for us all, but we tried to stay positive.”

“When we came out of hospital after her surgery in November, she was able to walk for about a week, then lost the use of one of her legs and had to be readmitted to the hospital. Further scans revealed the tumour had continued to grow rapidly and we were told Emily only had weeks to short months to live.

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