Lori Leffler And Three Family Members Were Killed In A Boat Crash.

Four members in the same family and a 37 old were killed in a boat crash near Oatland Island during the Memorial Day weekend. Lori Leffler, her husband, Chris Leffler, and two sons, Nathan Leffler and Zachary Leffler, died in the accident. The only survivor in the family was Lori Leffler’s daughter Katie Leffler. Robert Chauncey, 37, is the fifth person who died in the incident. The other boating passengers also survived the incident.

Regarding the boat incident, an arrest has taken place. The police arrested a person who is a Savannah resident. His name is Mark Christopher Stegall, and he is 45 years old. He got arrested for boating under the alcohol. This report was released to sources by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.      

The Leffler Family-

The four members who died in the boat crash were from the same family. Chris Leffler, 51, and his wife Lori, 50, and their sons Nate Leffler and Zach Leffler, aged 17 and 23 respectively, were four among the same family. Katie Leffler, their daughter, and a friend survived with more minor injuries. Chris Leffler was working at Calvary Day Schools. 

He was a history teacher. Nate Leffler was studying in the same school as a senior, and he is quite excellent in his academics and a great athlete. Chris excelled in establishing a good relationship with his students, parents, and colleagues. He was indeed an excellent teacher and trainer and a good companion.

The boat crashed at Wilmington River

Five members, 4 in the same family, were killed in the boat crash at Wilmington River. The reason for the collision still seems to be uncertain, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is investigating it. It might take 6 to 8 weeks to get a complete report on the uncertainty of the accident. 

Anyways the police have arrested a man, and he was charged with boating under the influence of alcohol. The public is not allowed to go near the Wilmington River until the investigators conclude. Until then, the river remains closed. 

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