Maddie Glidewell – An American Idol Participant

Maddie Glidewell became one of the popular contestants for singing in American Idol Season 20. Maddie performed an outstanding performance with her melodious tune during her audition in front of judges. She impressed the judges with her lovely magical voice. On her audition, she wore the pink dress in color, loose in fit, but overall she looked gorgeous.

What is the American Idol competition in which Maddie participated?

American Idol is a national singing competition held in America that can be seen on TV as a series created by Simon Fuller and produced by the 19 Entertainment and Fremantle North America. The first time is televised on FOX from June 2002 to April 2016, with about 15 seasons.

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Bio and Wikipedia of Maddie Glidewell:

Maddie Glidewell does not have any well-described web page of her. Still, we can get to know various details about her through many websites and multiple platforms available on social media. Maddie Glidewell is one of the top contestants for the American Idol Season 20. In this talent show, the top judges are Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, etc. And in addition, this show is decided to let it premiere on 27th February at about 8p.m on My ABC WOTV4.

Age of Maddie Glidewell:

Maddie Glidewell is estimated to be about 20s her age. But there is no exact date that can give details about her birth date on any internet websites. If you go to find the information about Maddie Glidewell on the website of American Idol, you will get nothing since they haven’t uploaded any information there.

Parents and Siblings of Maddie Glidewell:

No websites provided any information related to parents and siblings information on the internet for our reference. And she also hasn’t revealed any details about her even in the American Idol show, but we hope she will provide it soon in coming shows.

The Instagram handle of Maddie Glidewell:

It isn’t easy to find a true account on Instagram. She was not achieved much fame; thus, her Instagram handle was unknown. But the account nowadays in Instagram, whose username is @maddiebglidewell, looks like Maddie’s official account. But the account is, for now, is, private. We only predict that she is Maddie after looking at her profile picture on the Instagram handle. In this account, it seems like it has 1388 followers in it with about 42 posts posted in it, but the account is private.

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