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This particular Marvel hero has had a lot of cooks in the kitchen over the years, as I highlighted in my review of the Moon Knight premiere. Sure, that’s true of every Marvel title, but think of these chefs as people attempting to reimagine a certain cuisine in a fun way. Various authors have had a lot of fun deconstructing and rebuilding the “Fist of Khonshu.” One of the more innovative versions came from Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood back in 2016, when Marc Spector awoke in a Mental Hospital, wondering if he’d dreamed… everything. 

Episode 4 may have appeared to be a period out of sorts on the surface. There will be no Khonshu. There will be no Moon Knight. Instead, after losing their magical protection, Steven and Layla were racing against the clock to beat Harrow to the finish line within Alexander the Great’s tomb (another extra twist). In a TV season, the structure is key, and this was the ideal episode at the right moment. The focus on Layla as a tomb raider, the terrible ghouls chasing everyone inside the tomb, and the intriguing love triangle between our heroine and two guys living inside one body made for the greatest edition yet.

Is Moon Knight’s Psychiatric Hospital A Mental Construct?

The fact that Marc Spector (and Steven Grant) are stuck in a mental construct that resembles a psychiatric institution raises its own set of questions: who is accountable for this new location? This might be the effect of Arthur Harrow unleashing Ammit since the god of judgement may be enraged by Moon Knight’s intervention and decides to imprison him somewhere. Marc’s mind, in this case, may be in charge of making sense of this new environment to the best of its abilities, resulting in a psychiatric hospital setting with recognisable faces as patients and personnel.

It’s also possible that it’s a mental construct created by Khonshu for him to communicate with Marc Spector. Marc and Steven may have been stuck within Moon Knight’s head because another persona has locked them out of the body. Marc Spector’s tomb has been shown in the comics as a similar concept, causing him to battle back to Khonshu.


Moon Knight Episode 4’S Hippo Is:

Marc Spector and Steven Grant come face to face with a huge hippo at the hospital at the very end of Moon Knight episode 4. The hippo is decked out in Egyptian-themed garb, including scarab-themed items. Moon Knight episode 4’s hippo is none other than Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of protection because it walks on just two legs and speaks. Despite Marc and Steven’s familiarity with Khonshu’s appearance, their audible reaction to Taweret suggests they aren’t entirely at ease with all gods.

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