Nathan Paul, A High School Student, Murdered In Cold Blood

Nathan was murdered after being shot on Wednesday. A tragic incident has taken place in Massachusetts that has caused pain to the entire community. A 17-years old boy named Nathan Paul was shot to death near Quincy’s Germantown Point neighborhood. The incident has caused uproar and demands for justice to the victim and his family are being made by the community. Nathan was found dead inside his car and died shortly after being transferred to the emergency room. The assailants are not found yet but the authorities have started their investigation into the case and are actively working on finding and bringing Nathan’s murderers to justice.

Who was Nathan Paul?

Nathan Paul was a student of the Weymouth high school and a bright young soul. His family and friends are in deep mourning after the student’s untimely demise yesterday. In an interview, Nathan’s father cried and opened up about his son, “I’ve been feeling heartbroken. I’ve been feeling stressed. I’ve been feeling like my system dropped,” told Gregory Paul to the media. “Like if someone came and cut my hand off with a knife, I wouldn’t feel any pain.” The father in mourning further added, “Nathan, I will never stop loving you. You’re my son and I love you. It hurts, I haven’t slept and people are calling me left and right, left and right.”

Gregory Paul informed the authorities and the media that he has no idea behind the circumstances leading to his son’s demise. 

Nathan Paul was a bright, young student. He enjoyed football, basketball, and also sports like wrestling at his school. Weymouth Public School’s Superintendent, Robert Wargo, expressed his grief in a statement released which read, “Moments like these are difficult to process for students, as well as staff and parents. As a district, we are always available to support our school community, and we ask that as a community we all look to support one another during this time. The district has a team of mental health professionals and counselors available districtwide to support any individual in need of emotional assistance or to help cope with this unthinkable loss. Our hearts are with the student’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

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