Nickol Valentina, 15 Year Old Girl, Is Murdered

Nickol Valentina Rodriguez, a 15-year-old girl, was murdered, and authorities have arrested the murderer. As soon as the information was made public, it drew much attention. People began asking questions about the girl, such as Nickol Valentina, what caused her death, or what happened to her.

The crime was detected when the youngster walked home from school in the Meson de Los Bucaros neighborhood. The burglar approached her in the area’s tunnel and stabbed her three times, killing her instantly. she died after being transported to a care center. On Friday night, when the entire audience was gathered and searching for the adolescent, the community raised its voices.

Who Was Nickol Valentina? and what was her cause of death?

The event occurred on Friday, February 25, in Bucaramanga, when a stranger approached Nickol and attempted to steal her smartphone by displaying her knife and placing it around her neck; however, the girl had no choice but to give the phone to the stranger because she had no other option. There was no one who could help her.

Therefore, she had no choice but to call for help or save herself. There’s a probability that the killer has something to do with her. When it came to her family, her mother and father only wanted one thing from them: justice. Her parents were furious right now, and if they saw the murderer, they would kill him on the spot.

According to the sources, the case appears to be a puzzle, and it was the first time the assassin encircled the girl. However, it all came together to become something even more amazing. Cops have already launched their investigation and are searching for the perpetrator. Many people have gathered to show their support for her. Cops used Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to spread photos of the killer. Cops are looking for evidence and clues to learn more about him.

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