Pastor Artur Pawlowski Denied Bail On Coutts Border Blockade Charges

Artur Pawlowski was charged with inciting violence regarding the vaccine mandate and has been behind the bars since 7th February. Church pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on February 3rd for inciting violence and interrupting the operation of essential infrastructure. Artur was dragged out and arrested after his speech at the blockade near the Coutts-Alberta border crossing. Under Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, Pawlowski is accused of vandalism over $5,000 and interfering with the functioning of essential infrastructure. His bail hearing took place on Wednesday, and the court ruled out that he shall not be granted bail because he will “not follow the court’s orders.”

Why was Artur Pawlowski arrested?

Pawlowski, a 48-year-old priest, is accused of violating a release order to maintain the peace and creating havoc by instigating others to prevent the authorised use of public grounds. The priest encouraged the drivers to “hold the line” opposing government intrusion without committing violence during a 20-minute address to the drivers. They had apparently entered into an agreement to withdraw their barricade of the US border and move to Edmonton until Pawlowski’s speech changed their stance. 

Although the court has arrested Artur Pawlowski on the charge of inciting violence, Artur was specifically heard of asking the protestors not to resort to violence. His speech included these lines, “May God help us all because we don’t fight with guns and swords. We don’t fight with Tasers and the police vehicles. We don’t. We just want to go back and work hard and achieve something and provide for our families. We just want to be left alone.”

He then continued his speech, “Again, I’m not talking about violence, swords, and guns all that stuff. You have the most powerful wings ever. Who can move 1,000 trucks? Who can move 10,000 truckers with 100,000 supporters?, ” he concluded his speech with this remark. His son told the news that he has been ill-treated in the prison but he has not lost hope.

For supporting the trucker convoy and standing against medical segregation pastor Artur Pawlowski is still in prison!

— Artur Pawlowski (@ArturPawlowski1) February 13, 2022

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