The Gospel Singer Osinachi Nwachukwu Died, Obituary, Cause Of Death

Who was Osinachi Nwachukwu, and what was the cause of her death?

Osinachi Nwachukwu 42 has passed away on fariday.Her family members have not provided any official confirmation. However, according to sources, the singer died in an Abuja hospital. The singer’s passing has devastated her followers.

Who was Osinachi Nwachukwu?

Osinachi Nwachukwu was born on 12 November 1979. She was an amazing woman who was proud of her Nigerian values and a famous singer.

What was the cause of her death?

She died after a long battle with throat cancer. Osinachi was a victim of domestic violence, according to her sister. Her spouse continues to attack her. Mr Peter Nwachukwu, Osinachi’s spouse, struck her with his leg, causing further chest issues. She developed malignant clusters as well as blood clots. On the other hand, medical professionals believe that cancer is the cause of her death.
Deji Adeyanju, an Abuja-based lawyer and human rights campaigner, said it is common for victims of domestic violence to stay in abusive relationships and die.
Adeyanju emphasised that if women want to end domestic abuse, they must speak out against it and hold those guilty accountable. Staying in a toxic relationship is not a good idea.

Men who beat women should be kept in solitary confinement like wild animals in zoo.

Rest in peace Osinachi… We won’t forget you and your heavenly voice.🙏#Osinachinwachukwu

— NIGERIAN EAGLE 1 🇳🇬 (@CC_okoro) April 9, 2022

“We like to tolerate bad behaviour in this part of the world; you can see in the west that once there is any physical assault, people start laying complaints, and it goes straight into your records. We need to start massive sensitization of the need for victims of domestic violence to be proactive and take steps.
“Social media is not a court of law; it’s only good for the fun, noise-making, it’s like what we tell rape victims; have you filed a complaint? You should file a complaint, and it should be in the record of the abuser.
“We have many issues of deaths in relationships because they have bottled-up domestic violence. Once somebody slaps, beats, or threatens you with a knife, run to the police station and file a complaint so that the person will be invited.
“The law places an obligation on the person who alleges that he must prove. When you make claims of domestic violence, it’s imperative on you that you must assert and prove it. I would say that it’s important we do a lot of sensitization for women, and some men suffer domestic violence in Nigeria. We need to sensitize the police also on the issue of domestic violence. Sometimes, you see people saying the police can be nonchalant when it comes to the issue of domestic violence.
“Under the Violence Against Person’s Prohibition Act, 2015, our law prohibits it and also the Protection Against Domestic Violence law. It’s important to note that the only way to prevent domestic violence is to make examples of those involved in it, so our legal system must be ready to punish perpetrators so that it serves as a deterrent to those who want to try the same.”

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