Ukraine Claims That Russia Is Using A Vacuum Bomb

Russia utilized a thermobaric weapon, commonly known as a vacuum bomb, in its invasion of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian envoy Oksana Markarova.

According to Ukraine’s envoy to the United States and human rights organizations, Russia has started hitting Ukraine with vacuum bombs and cluster bombs. Russian troops, according to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, are using widely banned cluster munitions. Amnesty International also accused them of targeting a daycare where civilians had sought refuge.

According to the organizations, Russian soldiers appeared to have used widely banned cluster munitions, with Amnesty accusing them of striking a preschool in northern Ukraine while civilians sought refuge inside. Meanwhile, Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, said that Moscow had deployed a thermobaric weapon known as a vacuum bomb.

“Today they used the vacuum bomb. The destruction that Russia is attempting to wreak on Ukraine is massive “According to the ambassador, The Ukrainian claims have yet to be verified on the ground, and Reuters cited White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki as saying, “If that were accurate, it could constitute a war crime.” President Joe Biden’s administration “would try to be a part of that dialogue,” she said, noting that international organizations would analyze the situation.

What are the vacuum Bomb and its function?

A vacuum bomb is a thermobaric weapon, that sucks oxygen from the surrounding air to create a high-temperature explosion with a blast wave that lasts far longer than a regular explosive and is capable of vaporizing people.

The initial charge disperses aerosols made up of good material ranging from carbon-based fuel to minuscule metal particles in a two-stage munition. The second charge ignites the cloud, causing a shock wave that absorbs oxygen and creates a vacuum around the target. Experts have warned that a vacuum bomb’s explosion wave lasts much longer than regular explosives.

Russia attacks Ukraine with these and the rude response of Russia:

The employment of thermobaric weapons in the Ukrainian conflict has not been officially confirmed. Early Saturday afternoon, CNN reported that one of its teams had observed a Russian thermobaric multiple rocket launcher near the Ukrainian border.

The White House press secretary said she had read stories but couldn’t confirm if Russia had used such weapons.” If that is accurate, it might be a war crime,” she said at a press conference, adding that international organizations would review the situation and that President Joe Biden’s government “would try to be a part of that dialogue.”

The Russian embassy in Washington did not respond to requests for comment. Ukraine, according to Markarova, is actively working with the Biden administration and Congress to secure more weaponry and stiffer sanctions.

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