Who Is Audrey Holcomb? Who Plays Eden In Stranger Things?

Ever since Audrey Holcomb renders her Stranger Things cameo appearance, netizens are eagerly looking for the details about her personal and private life.
Holcomb makes her Stranger Things season 4 debut as Eden in episode 6, which was aired on May 27, 2022, of which the next two episodes will release arrive on Netflix in July.

Season four of Stranger Things saw the introduction of several new characters.

Who plays Eden, the newcomer? 

Everyone was stunned to see Audrey in the last night’s episode. Eden has a short role, but when she appears on the screen. Her role had an impact on her viewers. Audrey Holcomb was born on July 7, 2000, which means she is 21 years old.
Despite playing the role of an older sister in Stranger Things, Holcomb does not look older than her other actors.
Finn Wolfhard, who performs Mike Wheeler, is a teenager, and another actor; Caleb McLaughlin, who performs Lucas Saintclair, is merely a twenty-year-old. The show has a young cast.

Relating Audrey’s characterization of Eden in Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things has a slew of new characters this season, including Argyle, Chrissy, and Eddie. Audrey Holcomb plays the character of Eden, who appears in the latest season.
Throughout the episode, the Scooby gang meets Eden, the elderly sister of Suzie Bingham, and is seen nannying her messy relatives. The gang seeks the help of Suzie because they need her skills.
Eden made an impression on viewers despite only appearing for a few minutes in the episode. “Eden from Stranger Things only got two minutes of screentime, but that’s all she needed to win me over,” one fan tweeted.

“#StrangerThings4 Eden” “So excited for everyone to watch!!!”
“EDEN!!!!!! My *secretly* favourite sister,” co-star Gabriella stated.
Audrey has made an impression on fans, as Amanda tweeted: “Eden looks exactly like Allison from The Breakfast Club.You can’t tell me this wasn’t done on purpose. #StrangerThings4 #80s.”
“Eden from Stranger Things only had two minutes of screen time, but that was all she needed to win me over #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings,” fan Lucy wrote.
“Eden in season 4 of #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings is TOTALLY supposed to be a reference to Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club, right?” Hugo, the Pink Cat, inquired.

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