The death of a 10-year-old girl called Lily Peters was reported yesterday on the internet. Lily Peters was strangled and sexually abused. Her death was discovered in the woods. She was last seen with Landon Repetto; then she went missing. Her case was investigated by the police. An investigation has been initiated. However, they were unable to locate her. Police discovered that she has been kidnapped and is being held captive.
They recovered her bicycle in the woods after so many days, and her body was recovered on Monday morning. Her body reeked like a sewer.
The cops contacted paramedics to transport her body to the police station, where they awaited post-mortem reports to determine the reason of her death. A minor has also been arrested in connection with the investigation, according to sources.


Carson Peters Bergers, Lily Peter’s half-brother, has been named as the main suspect in her murder. His half-brother is the prime suspect, according to the cops.
Police officers are reviewing all CCTV footage to figure out the cause behind this hideous crime howeevr they couldnot find out any clue .
. They’re searching through every video to find proof, but it doesn’t appear like the street she was walking down had any cameras. She’s unlikely to have appeared in any of the cameras. However a clip cant reveal the entire story behind any crime.
The investigators are keeping all the details private including Carson Peters’ age.

Repetto, Landon Chippewa was Carson Peters Berger’s half-brother and a native of Chippewa Falls, WI. He has been listed as the initial suspect in Lily Peter’s killing. He is Lilly’s cousin, according to legend. In addition, he was arrested as a juvenile in connection with Lily’s murder. He is suspected of being the killer of the ten-year-old girl. According to officers, their subject is not a stranger.

He revealed that “he intended to rape and kill the victim from the beginning”

What are the charges against him?

He was charged with first-degree preplanned killing and sexual violence in the first degree. If the suspect is 10 or older, Wisconsin law mandates that first-degree homicide charges be brought in adult court.

“If you’re between the ages of 10 and 17 a charge for a juvenile would start in juvenile court where it’s confidential, the hearings are closed,”
“There are certain charges for juveniles, once you’re above the age of 10, that automatically start in adult court.”

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