Who Was Rikki Neave, And What Was The Cause Of His Death?

During ‘the sad and terrible’ documentary The Murder of Rikki Neave, viewers were sick to their stomachs.’

Viewers of a gruesome documentary about Rikki Neave’s murder have been left “sick to their stomach” by the episode.
The Murder of Rikki Neave: The Mother’s Story, a dreadful Channel 5 show, shook people’s perspectives.
Rikki Neave, 6, was brutally strangled to death in November 1994 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
James Watson, 13 murdered the child and “deliberately positioning” his body into the shape of a star.
The disturbing documentary, which premiered on Wednesday at 9 p.m., explores the case’s specifics, the testimony presented in court, and the widespread media coverage.
During the show, viewers were left fighting back the tears and termed the hour-long documentary “sad and scary.”
Netizens turned to social media to express their feelings about the show, calling it “harrowing and disturbing.”

“Only halfway through, I feel sick,” one Twitter user commented.

“This world simply makes me sick to my stomach,” said another.

“My heart is breaking for that poor little guy,” stated a third tweet.

“Poor child and a poor mother. She is clearly very Poorly but it’s her time to speak and tell her story.”

The inquiry led to Ruth Neave’s trial for her son’s murder. However, she was found not guilty in 1996 – and was reviewed in the episode. She slammed the initial inquiry, claiming that police and social services “had ruined my and my daughters’ life.”

Although hideous monster Watson strolled the streets, the mother was the major suspect in the investigation. After a trial at the Old Bailey, he was charged and convicted of the murder last week.

In the Channel 5 documentary, Ruth revealed how she suffered mentally. Her health has deteriorated. She cried, recalling the day her son was murdered.
“He had his uniform on, he had breakfast on the table, and off he went – without even saying a word.”

Rikki Neave

He did not come back home from school that fateful day, which was terrifying for any mother. She was frightened.

“He was well late. He never came home that late. I couldn’t find him so I went across the road and shouted for him.”

Ruth was strongly rebuked in the aftermath of her son’s missing for first refusing to participate in the search.

But she retaliated. “I’m not walking around looking for him because I’ve got other kids.”

Bobbie Day, the former mayor of Peterborough, described the awful day she recovered Rikki’s body.

She elaborated.: “Completely out of the blue, I got this phone call one morning from a reporter.
“She said, ‘do you know there is a little boy missing on the estate?’ That alarmed me straight away.
“I decided to go and do my own search myself. I went everywhere looking for him. Through all the dens, shouting and shouting at him.
“Nobody had seen him. I kept coming across these two police officers. They said ‘have you found him?’
“I said I’ve looked everywhere apart from over there in those trees. They said well come with us.
“And I’ve never ever forgotten what I saw. I saw Rikki laying there.”
Watson, his perpetrator, had spread his naked body out to create a “desired image of it in death.”

During the police interrogation, Watson denied seeing Rikki and told “many lies.”
After the medical experts matched Watson’s DNA on Rikki’s clothes, he was charged with murder.
He is sentenced for the murder, after 27 years.

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