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The news of Sawyer Mulkey’s death, a bright volleyball player, is making the rounds on the internet. She died in a car accident in Texas while playing for Ponder High School’s Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team.
Sawyer Mulkey was a successful volleyball player for the Skylines throughout her high school career, earning multiple records. In addition, she was a superb skyline volleyball player for the Ponder High School Grils’ Varsity Volleyball team, wearing jersey number seven.

For her outstanding achievement, she was voted District Newcomer of the Year 2020. She has also spent more than five years on the Ponder High School Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team.
Sawyer Mulkey left behind all of his cherished friends and family when she died in a car accident on April 27, 2022, shocking everyone. Skyline Volleyball Player Sawyer Mulkey was killed in a car accident in Texas.
Sawyer Mulkey’s tragic death has left her fans grieving.

Hundreds of her friends and well-wishers have expressed their love and sorrow on social media. Netizens are expressing their heartfelt sadness and affection for her friend and family.

According to Skyline Juniors Volleyball, Swayer perished in a fatal vehicle accident on April 27, 2022. It was terrible to know that one of her friends and family’s most beloved members had passed away. Skyline Juniors Volleyball has expressed its deep sorrow over Swayer’s death, praising his character and dedication to the sport.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Mulkey family and friends at Skyline Juniors as they grieve the tragic loss of their 16s player, Sawyer Mulkey from 16 Black!

A beautiful and talented girl was taken from this world too soon. We are deeply saddened… https://t.co/x98WixgDNH pic.twitter.com/xMl6NyTl7a

— Areté Athletics (@arete_athletics) April 29, 2022

Sawyer Mulkey Death, Cause of Death, Obituary

Sawyer Mulkey was so passionate about volleyball that she never missed a game throughout her high school career.
Meanwhile, news of Mulkey’s death has been spreading like wildfire on the internet since April 28, 2022, and users have been searching for Sawyer’s obituary.

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Sawyer Mulkey’s Family: Sawyer Mulkey’s Parents Are Devastated By Their Daughter’s Death
Sawyer Mulkey was a sweet daughter and caring sister who made the whole family laugh with her cute antics. Unfortunately, her parents’ heart-piece was tragically lost in an unforeseeable vehicle accident in Texas.
As of this writing, thousands of people have expressed their sorrow and condolences to Sawyer’s parents. All adored Sawyer Mulkey, and they were all shocked that she died young.


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